Peptides Overview

Synthetic Peptides are finding increasing use as therapeutics, diagnostics, antibody production, and as tools for unraveling biological processes. Neuland's peptide synthesis services include production of peptides from milligrams to multi-kilogram scale by standard sequential chemical peptide syntheses and segment condensation strategies.

Most peptides between five and sixty amino acids are produced by standard solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) procedures. Multiple kilos of shorter length (up to 9 amino acids) are produced by solution phase methods. For longer peptides, containing up to 120 amino acids, segment condensation and ligation techniques are employed.

Neuland offers the highest quality peptide products at competitive prices.

Drug Discovery & Services
  • Aid in drug design and analog synthesis for structure function studies
  • Synthesize peptide APIs and impurities
  • Process development; route of synthesis; optimization & validation; and impurity profiling
  • cGMP manufacture of APIs
Analytical R&D
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Impurity profiling and validation
  • Stability studies
  • Supply of analytical reference standards
Drug Development Support
  • Supply of clinical trial material
  • Scale up from lab to pilot to commercialization
Regulatory Support
  • Filing DMF with the appropriate regulatory agencies